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been willing to testify against mr. steve cohen so the government cannot indict him. adam: i want to quote you from a national journal in september, 2012 you wrote the sec is settling cheaply with entities and ignore individuals of policy at parking tickets for securities fraud. you want to take that statement back? is this when we get the decision down the road? >> this is the department of justice today, not the sec be at adam: but everybody expects the sec to follow suit. speak out i think they are going to do that eventually. what i don't know is if the administration law judge hearing the case will grant a lifetime ban for basically failure to supervise your broker. it is one of the least serious of the sec offenses. they may get what they are looking for and eventually they're going to get mr. steve cohen out of the brokerage business. but i don't think in general has used very high penalties. the statement you quoted me was about the general sec behavior toward most financial institutions and even in the london will case you don't see the sec suing any individual offices. l
of player misconduct. he has been accused excessively hazeing a fellow teammate, jonathan martin. steve harrigan joins from us miami. steve, there is more revelation that is might trouble people coming out about the suspended lineman. what do we know about this? >> certainly some more troublesome video coming out about richie incognito taken earlier this year with a group of teammates at a fort lauderdale bar called dirty blondes. images show incognito stomping around bare chested and using the "n" word in relation to another teammate who is present and appears to be laughing. more scrutiny of incognito's history as we, being kicked out of programs at university of nebraska and oregon and let go by the rams after fighting with the coach in 2009. i was voted dirtiest player in the nfl. he has been suspended indefinitely after discovery of racist text messages by the dolphins management. that management really wants to get to the bottom of things right now. owner steve ross called for an independent investigation by the nfl. the coach of the dolphins is on the hot seat but as far as the p
. >> it is about steve cohen and it is steve cohen. this is fascinating. steve cohen has not been charged with insider trading but the day after sac pled guilty, paid $1.2 billion, steve cohen remains under investigation, the next day chris christie won overwhelmingly new jersey governor and guess what he did? he personally called steve cohen to come to his big gala association and attend a private dinner. now there is nothing illegal about that. but this is now raising eyebrows from people, republicans who saw him at the event, from people starting to make its way around the political analyst circles where they're saying this is incredible fodder for anybody that runs against christie in the future, particularly if he goes up, if he runs for president in 2016, this could be a campaign commercial. this is what we know, christie personally invited him. heard through the grapevine steve cohen following the monday plea deal was depressed, wasn't feeling very well. told him to get, quote, his rear end off the couch from what i understand. that is direct quote from somebody and attend the even
. steve forbes here to make sense of all of this. chairman of forbes media. ready to weigh in. do these numbers surprise you, steve, at all? >> no. even those numbers are slightly exaggerated. the reports that it is the equivalent if you put your policy in effect in the card but you haven't bought it, they're counting it as a sale and the private sector cannot do that. so even those numbers are exaggerated and that is why the administration is going to have a big push to expand medicare as a way of getting around the exchange snafu. connell: no way they're getting toward the 7 million this spring. >> they're going to have to do something. the way they're going to do it is medicare. those that have not signed up for expanding medicare are being inhumane by not doing it, so they will try to turn a political advantage for disaster. dagen: you mean medicaid. medicaid expansion. a lot of this is people buying insurance, steve. to what extent do you believe the irs will go out there and police people who are not buying it? if they are not going to buy it for whatever reason, screw ups i
moves across the country. we are covering the action for you, and we go live, steve centanni is at reagan national airport with the latest on delays and what you can do to avoid them. steve. >> >> reporter: yeah, adam, a very, very busy holiday travel week all the way up through sunday which is one of the business jest travel days of -- busiest travel days of the entire year. to plan ahead x. it's not going to be smooth sailing for everybody, i hate to tell you, because of the weather delays, weather problems all the way across the country. take a look at some pictures we shot earlier here at national airport. things moving fairly smoothly, a lot of the arrivallings are delayed, more than half coming in late, and that's probably going to push back the departure times later in the day as you have that domino effect. a lot of rain here, possibly snow tomorrow, weather problems all the way across the country as that storm moved from california, down to the south, now up into the northeast. just a lot of tangled travelers and flights delayed and a lot of headaches on this holiday
is worth more than the estate of steve jobs. his wife is going to walk away with more money than opera. dagen: how was it getting along with them? you would expect these gentlemen to be difficult and maybe temperamental. >> some didn't play the questions i asked about the environmental side of things and some didn't like their foes, that is what i do. they are colorful men, they are characters, some will love them, some won't. some make billions and lose billions. they have hired a lot of people and that is why some of the states around the country i traveled like texas, oklahoma, north dakota, pennsylvania, a real shot in the arm for small small-town america as well. dagen: what do think it says about the country as a whole and the american spirit? >> i was reassured in a lot of ways. kids getting to school, not finding good jobs and you go to places like louisiana, met a young man who makes $100,000 per year, so there's a real shot in the arm in those places we had tells you about the country, a little disturbing, the flipside is we are so to each other on fracking like we are in d.c
for some time to come. cheryl: thank you very much, steve. dennis: help for veterans, high-tech training and a guaranteed job with a hefty salary and also blackberry off the sales block, and the ceo, he's fired. latest details coming up. meantime, let's look at ten-year treasuries. ♪ ♪ so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. ♪ ♪ >> i'm tracy byrnes with your fox business brief. johnson and johnson will pay more than $2.2 billion to settle justice dep
. adam: deal or no deal. steve cohen's sac capital is expected tuilty. there is still a chance that the deal could fall apart and sac could go to trial. here is how the dollar is moving today. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a compans future with the fute of trading. coany profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. adam: oil is moving higher on civil unrest in libya where some of the worst fighting in months broke out in tripoli. want to look what oil is doing right now, as traders keep a close watch over a meeting between western countries and of course iran over its nuclear program. fox business contributor phil flynn from price futures group is in the trading pits of the cme. just how serious is the issue in libya? >> it is very serious. you can see that played out in the market, especially if you look at the spread between the brent crude what we trade in europe and wti crude.
hood foundation, steve cohen released in the past before sac imploded, his investment ideas and ackerman coming out two fridays where he is going to update everybody on his famous purple shorts. he is apparently tweaking the presentation and the thing that has people concerned is he is going to try out some testimony from former disgruntled former employees or distributors to underscore his contention. lori: why faithfully at this point? >> it is of pyramid scheme. we should point out ackerman has lost five hundred million. tracy: update us on the loss. >> on the short. tracy: did i make you lose your train of thought? >> everything okay today? tracy: i am just interested in this topic. the stock price is active. >> i am moving the market and your interrupting me. tracy: i am being annoying. >> let me finish and you can ask any questions. $500 million, speeches next week. what did you say? tracy: now you want me to speak? >> why hasn't given up on this? that is what herbal life are saying. sort of waiting to fight this back. when this comes out or before it comes out they ma
. 19 when you founded his company. you had been referred to as steve jobs or bill gates. we should refer it to you as elizabeth holmes because you are revolutionizing blood tests and several things more. tell me why this is so important for walgreen's to come to new york. >> wonderful to be here. i started this company because i wanted to be able to change the reality in the health-care system which is today when someone you love gets really sick most of the time when you find that out it is too late to be able to do something about it and that is a heartbreaking thing because you are helpless and in those moments there is nothing that you wouldn't do. adam: you will depend on devices that are more accurate. i was reading, and blood drawn to test my cholesterol, had to wait a coupll days, a big files that they took that was sent to a whack. that started in the 60s. what you've done is create new devices that measure a perk of blood from the edge of my finger. >> exactly. if you look at the number of people who do not get their lab tests done because they are scared of needles, by b
search. short list of external candidates to replace steve ballmer include ford ceo alan malawi and nokia ceo stephen e. live. microsoft has three internal candidates as well. in october, challenger, gray and christmas at employers announced plans to lay off 40,730 people last month. the pharmaceutical industry and financial sector saw the heaviest job cutting and dish network announcing its subsidiary blockbuster will end with resale and dvd mail operations by january of 2014. edition enclose for u.s. retail stores but will see the licensing rights to the blockbuster name. that is the latest on the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. adam: medical devices are taking a big hit when it comes to venture capital investing. what is behind the decline and are there signs the market will pick back up? joining us is marked mccaffrey to leave the practice, peer w.c. released a report, thank you for joining us to talk about this. software, software, software, the location of the investing world. people want to put their money in software, not medical devices. >> if you look at th
to manage -- caved in and to manage steve if they did very well. lori: but why does this happened why is this a historical precedent up so high on the first day that deflate? >> some do but google's did not i'm not comparing the two but when you bet on new technology with the capitalist system you have to believe it will work or will be bought by someone else to make a better mousetrap. i don't know. facebook baby bought by somebody else house someday baby facebook buys twitter. but you bet on sommthing happening good in the future. when doing that you roll the dice. there is no guarantees with us. with the ipo every betty lateen to buy the stock it is not a bad day in not rightabout 60 we will not see that but it still may go down if you look at the imf to voices retail investors got screwed guaranteed. what ever little detail was kidding in at 48 now it is 45. adam: now it is going up again. >> but if he played the cave you get what you deserve. i tell people not to divest. >> finally some good news from j.c. penney reporting the first increase of some -- same-store sales the first
. they literally cannot do that now. dagen: what happens to those people, steve? we will hear more from them in the coming weeks and months, for sure. >> dagen, i have been predicting that there will be a delay in the whole program for a year. that is the democratic political interests. this is becoming a meltdown. my talks my congressional sources were democrat, they want to move this past the next election, so i think there is an increasing likelihood that this thing will be delayed for a year, but that still doesn't give, so doesn't equate to the people who have lost their health plan. i don't know what you do about those people. dagen: i can't help but wonder what happens with the employer-sponsored health plan, because we still talk about them as if they will remain untouched and won't change or the employers won't change those plans based on even more elements of this law kicking in. >> you know, dagen, that is a critical point. you are exactly right. we have been focusing on people losing their insurance in the individual market, and that has been a crisis, no question about it. the n
,000, much less than earlier predictions. >>> miami dolphins owner steve ross says he will meet tomorrow with alleged bullying victim jonathan martin. ross told reporters he was appalled by the use of racial slurs not only in text message by suspended guard richie incognito but in the dolphins locker room. >>> dramatic rescue in virginia beach. a repairmen fell from a water tower and left clinging to safety rope 145 feet up. when fire ladders were too short to reach him. a firefighter lowered down on the rope and be able to bring the man to safety. the worker is report led okay. s. back to ashley and tracy. ashley: thank goodness we're on a desk for a living. lauren green, thank you very much. >> >> apple may start getting iphone and ipad chips from the empire state. a new york-based chipmaker will supply logic chips for the tech giant. jo ling kent joins us for details. jo? >> the albany "times-union" founded global founder chipmaker will work with samsung to make chips for iphones and ipads. the center is located in malta, new york, and will produce a essentially a chip that is the ner
laws among california proposition 2 passed by voters in 2000 the requiring field tests, steve king of viacom california in bed with radical animal rights groups trying to dictate foreign standards for the entire country. whig are major california export. setting california home prices flat for the fourth month in a row. machine sales prices range at an average of 3,050 last month. that is a price jump from last year of 28% but sales volume is showing a decline year-over-year. net data showing a decline in gas prices according to aaa. regular gasoline down $0.15, 335, $0.17 above the national average. $0.20 per gallon fall in rico for example, that is the west coast amended. dennis: goliath versus david. 9 broadcaster's sticking their battle against a start up to the supreme court, and details in my media minute. >> game stop on a tear this year. the stock jumping up over 100% over the last year. doubled nubile retailers even at more than doubled. fox business stock radar coming up as we look at the ten year treasury. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business ov
and administrative staff told them. it is not on them, it is on us but it is something we intend to fix. steve crosby. >> you have reason to believe that iran would walk away from nuclear talks as congress draws up new sanctions and would diplomatic breakdown for military action, how do you respond to critics who say tough sanctions got iran and tougher sanctions make it? >> let me make a couple points. number one, i said before and i will repeat we do not want iran to have nuclear weapons and it would be not only dangerous to us and our allies but it would be destabilizing to the entire region and could trigger a nuclear arms race that could make life more dangerous for all of us. and i am leaving options on the table to make sure we meet that goal. point number two. the reason we have such vigorous sanctions is i and my administration put in place the international structure to have the most effective sanctions ever so it is fair to say i know little about sanctions because we set them up and made sure we mobilized the entire international community so there weren't a lot of loopholes that really h
ceo. tech giant may be getting closer to replacing steve ballmer. meeting today to narrow down that list of candidates ahead of tomorrow's shareholder meeting. lori: and sony's new playstation's off a strong start, over 1 million councils sold within 24 hours lunch. the speed is the first updated videogame system in seven years. dennis: hoping to sell 5 million by march. reports of some glitches here and there, but they say this is within expectations of a new product launch and appeare appee isolated incidents. lori: tim geithner moving into the private sector joining the private equity firm in march as the company's president and a managing director. he has stayed out of the spotlight after stepping down in january but working out a book of the financial crisis do next year. turning to another former treasury secretary, larry summers morning sluggish growth could be the new normal. holding short-term rates at zero. but the move has not kick started the economy as it has in the past so central bank edit several rounds of quantitative easing to help move the economy, but with a
to work with, everything will go to mobile. apple started this. steve jobs, somebody else you worked with in your past. you're finding that there is a certain type of business that is actually benefiting from this technology? that could be expansion for you? >> we're seeing pretty broad scale. there is no specific vertical. a lot of professional services. we are focused very much on the 20 employees and below, two third of all of small businesses. and that market is, the one that is moving most quickly. cheryl: i do want to say you met with the new fcc chairman yesterday. >> i did. cheryl: someone you've known for many years. >> through the wireless industry, chairman wheeler, did address a group of other executives as part of an advisory council on national security communications issues. and talked a little bit about his agenda and the move to ip as a technology from the traditional pstn. they expounded a little bit on trials where he made public comments last week about what his strategy was. vonnage is supportive of that move. we've been leading charge for many years. cheryl: do
steve jobs and the time they were born they come up with the companies largely because there maybe weren't jobs available. but that is kind of a sad note to get into your story which is a good one, and it's one -- i watched your presentation, by the way. terrific enthusiasm. you give these talks no problem. tell us about the sock. this is the idea that you guys came can up with that won the grand prize. soccer sock with a little bit of a different twist, right? >> yes, definitely. our sock is a soccer sock with a pocket on the inside but not only just a pocket, a slide at the top which is the patentable part of our product that allows it from going up and down and left to right. and once we get into the, you know, mass manufacturing, there would be a material in the middle of the sock that has it a little bit tighter and also at the bottom of the sock. so it could be, you know, the appeal can be for adults too. connell: not just little kids. give me the sock for one minute. let me get a look at it. my girls play soccer, and we have constant arguments at our house is they make these sleev
at the fallout of airline ticket prices. we want to go to steve, live at reagan national airport outside washington d.c.. >> things are fairly good. we get a lot of nasty weather later. people traveling everything skipping and experienced problems all across the country as the storm swept across from california to the northeast. we look at pictures here, paranormal, washington national, some of the arrivals have been delayed and the departures later today could be delayed as well. so far today, let's look at 318 slides in the u.s. today, so far they're freaked because of the storm, 2,069 flights have been canceled. things here now but things could get a lot worse. listen. >> worst case scenario would be similar to what we saw two days ago where there was over a thousand, roughly a thousand canceled flights and delays, suggesting we have all travelers traveling this holiday season check early and often. basically see flights that are later canceled and get in contact with your travel agent or airline to accommodate you quickly. >> here's my colleague casey stiegel. >> happy thanksgiving.
like steve cohen? maybe that is not a good reference. you're trading in and out of very quickly? what are you doing. >> listen ideally a stock like this i like to hold three to six months. if it goes to 30 tomorrow i'm out. sometimes i let the market dictate my actions. i'm not married to it. i'm married to the idea that fundamentals justify a stock that should be $30. how long it takes to get there we'll see. dagen: as always in short-term trading, hey i'm making so much money and looking how much money you're makeing. >> listen, there is always reasons. i rather make 20% in a week than, hold a stock for 20 years and make 20% and save on capital gains. that is just me. dagen: trading costs. i'm saying, after tax and after trading costs profit is lot less than people think very often. that is all. >> okay. >> charles, thank you. killing your party, man. >> i know. what happened? she is talking about 10 gs and all that stuff. dagen: did a contest on cashing in years ago. >> i remember that! i remember that! dagen: they were all trading stocks all year. i bought same mutual funds beginn
, shoes from steve madden, food, furniture, auto home. a website that sells cars. great deals on bmws that are more expensive because of the luxury tax in china. one hot chinese company to watch benefited big-time n the first three minutes of sales, a smartphone maker sold 110,000 new phones and 110,000 phones which came out to $11.5 million in sales. according to "the wall street journal" alibaba chairman didn't comment on where he plans to take al by baba public, this would be the biggest internet ipo since facebook's 16 billion-dollar debut last year, tracy. tracy: wow. as it moves towards the ipo, a lot of people call this amazon of china. is that accurate? >> not exactly. alley ball ba t-mall where they sell goods like nike and unlike a lost e-commerce in the u.s., alibaba does not collect commission from the sellers. there is no fee to list on. they are encouraged to buy up advertising, this is interesting, to up their rankings and get more exposure on line and unlikely to get any attention unless you buy the ads and look at the numbers. it is working. they're huge. they sold $1
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22